the castle

Situated as the name suggests, in the historical center of Collalto Sabino, The Castello Baronale di Collalto Sabino is the main highlight and navel of the village. It’s location at 1000 meters above sea level, at the highest point of Collalto Sabino, offers a 360° panoramic view of the mountains of the Italian National Park (“riserva naturale monte navegna monte cervia”) and numerous characteristical Italian villages in all directions.


The castle has a rich historical background and dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries, with the fort dating back as early as 950 AD. In 1641, the castle was purchased by Cardinal Barberini, the nephew of Pope Urban VIII. It was later restored in the 19th century, with the most recent renovations taking place in 1988-1998. It has both Renaissance and Baroque characteristics. It is considered to be one of the cultural assets of Italy and is protected by the Italian Heritage committee.